Top 10 Best Hidden Locations in Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the colossal game crafted by FromSoftware, holds within its expansive world a multitude of secrets waiting to be discovered. While many players may have spent hundreds of hours traversing the Lands Between, there are hidden gems that remain elusive, known only to those who stumble upon them or embark on obscure side quests. In this guide, we will unveil some of the most enigmatic and overlooked locations in Elden Ring, each with its own unique story and challenges.

Best Hidden Locations in Elden Ring

  1. Nokron, Eternal City: Imagine defeating a boss only to witness the ground shattering beneath you, revealing a hidden path. This is the mystique of Nokron, Eternal City. Players can explore the aftermath of a catastrophic event and unveil the secrets that lie beneath the surface.
  2. Subterranean Shunning-Grounds: Leyndell, the capital city, harbors a well-kept secret in its underground sewers—the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Delve into the horrors of the sewers to uncover a dark and mysterious narrative, adding depth to the game’s lore.
  3. Consecrated Snowfield: Serving as a bridge between the Lands Between and the Helig Tree, the Consecrated Snowfield is the culmination of an obscure side quest. Venture into the snow-covered expanse and unveil a heartbreaking story of sacrifice that adds emotional weight to the player’s journey.
  4. Miquella’s Haligtree: Tiptoeing on the branches of Miquella’s Haligtree is no easy feat. This challenging area, reminiscent of Anor Londo from Soulsborne games, awaits players seeking the final showdown with Melenia. Navigate carefully to avoid falling victim to the tree’s treacherous attacks.
  5. Mohgwyn Palace: Accessible through a convoluted questline or a gateway teleporter in the frozen west of Consecrated Snowfield, Mohgwyn Palace is home to one of Elden Ring’s toughest bosses. Brace yourself for a formidable challenge and be prepared for a battle that demands skill and strategy.
  6. Deeproot Depths: Hidden in secrecy, Deeproot Depths can only be reached by following a specific questline involving D’s brother. Explore the Siofra Aqueducts in Nokron City and defeat dual gargoyle bosses to uncover the entrance to this mysterious location.
  7. Hidden Path to the Haligtree: Secret Catacombs: A concealed path within catacombs opens up to one of the best-hidden locations in Elden Ring. Players can navigate this invisible path by paying attention to the dust or the footsteps of enemies, ultimately leading them to the Consecrated Snowfield.
  8. Abandoned Cave in Dragonbarrow: Located in Caelid, the Abandoned Cave in Dragonbarrow can be accessed through expert maneuvers in the dueling grounds. While the cave may not hold significant rewards, it presents an opportunity for players to test their skills against formidable enemies.
  9. Sellia Hideaway: Those on a quest involving Sellia may stumble upon the Sellia Hideaway. The obscure questline leads players to a challenging trio of bosses, emphasizing the need for a blunt weapon to effectively deal with these formidable foes.
  10. Jarburg: A place shrouded in mystery, Jarburg was only made accessible through a game patch. Players can discover this hidden location east of Liurnia of the Lakes by using tombstones as makeshift stairs. Explore Bairn’s homeland and unravel a heartfelt tale of courage and leaving the past behind.


Q1: How do I access these hidden locations in Elden Ring?

A1: Accessing these hidden locations often requires completing specific questlines, defeating challenging bosses, or exploring lesser-known areas. Some locations may only be accessible through secret paths or by falling through certain areas.

Q2: Are these hidden locations important to the main story of Elden Ring?

A2: While some hidden locations contribute to the main narrative by providing additional lore and context, others are more focused on offering challenging encounters and unique stories. Exploring these locations can enhance your overall gaming experience but is not always crucial to the main storyline.

Q3: Can I access these locations early in the game, or should I wait until later?

A3: Some locations, like Mohgwyn Palace, may be accessible early through specific questlines, while others, such as Jarburg, may require more advanced progress. It’s essential to balance exploration with your character’s strength and abilities to tackle the challenges presented in these hidden areas.

Q4: What rewards can I expect from these hidden locations?

A4: The rewards vary from location to location. Some areas offer unique items, powerful weapons, or valuable insights into the game’s lore. However, others may primarily provide a challenging experience without significant material rewards.

Q5: Are these hidden locations part of side quests, or can I find them while exploring?

A5: Both! Some hidden locations are tied to specific side quests, while others can be discovered by keen exploration and observation. Falling through cliffs, following invisible paths, or completing obscure questlines may lead you to these well-hidden spots.

Q6: Are these hidden locations accessible in multiplayer mode?

A6: Yes, most hidden locations in Elden Ring are accessible in multiplayer mode. You can explore these areas with friends or other players, adding a cooperative element to the exploration and challenge.

Q7: How difficult are the bosses in these hidden locations?

A7: The difficulty of bosses varies, but many of these hidden locations feature formidable adversaries. Players should be well-prepared, both in terms of equipment and skill, before attempting to tackle these challenging foes.

Q8: Can I revisit these hidden locations after initially discovering them?

A8: Yes, Elden Ring allows players to revisit previously discovered locations. This is particularly useful for those who want to challenge themselves against tough bosses again, gather additional resources, or explore the lore in more detail.

Q9: Are there more hidden locations not mentioned in this guide?

A9: Absolutely! Elden Ring’s vast world is filled with secrets, and new hidden locations may be discovered through ongoing exploration, future updates, or by engaging with the game’s community. Keep exploring and stay tuned for updates to uncover even more hidden wonders.

Q10: Can I share information about these hidden locations with other players?

A10: Yes, sharing information about hidden locations is a great way to contribute to the Elden Ring community. Whether through online forums, social media, or in-game discussions, sharing your discoveries can help fellow players enhance their gaming experience and uncover the mysteries of the Lands Between.

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Elden Ring’s vast and intricate world is teeming with hidden locations that enrich the player’s experience. Whether stumbled upon by chance or uncovered through obscure questlines, these secret spots offer a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and present challenges that test the skills of even the most seasoned players. Embark on the journey to unveil these hidden wonders and make your mark in the Lands Between.

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