Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Join the Blog as a Guest Contributor and share your valuable insights and expertise with our online community. As a contributor, you have the opportunity to gain exposure and engage with readers interested in technical topics. Please be sure to adhere to our content guidelines for submissions to ensure the quality of our content

General Overview:

  • Focus on writing about Link Building, Guest Posting, Digital Marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads, PPC, Tools related to marketing, Business, SEO/Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Tech News, Tech Product Reviews, Games, WordPress, Websites ranking factors and Free SEO Tools
  • Avoid engaging in selling or self-promotion within your content. Our readers are seeking your best tactical advice and industry expertise, not a sales pitch. Refrain from promoting your products, company, services, or clients. Instead, focus on providing valuable information and educating your audience. By offering useful and informative content, you can enhance your visibility and create opportunities for growth and collaboration.
  • Bring your own fresh perspective. Avoid generic advice that readers have already encountered. Instead, explore specific, tactical, and innovative angles within your favorite subject. With fresh insights, unique approaches, and new ideas, attract our audience and offer valuable perspectives they haven’t encountered before.

  • Use simple and clear language. Make your content easy to understand and share. Avoid complex jargon, long quotes, or academic writing styles. Keep your writing straightforward so that readers of all backgrounds can easily comprehend and engage with your content.

  • Always offer a clear takeaway to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Providing actionable insights and practical advice helps ensure that your audience remembers and benefits from your content. By delivering value-driven content with tangible takeaways, you can establish yourself as a reliable source of information and remain top-of-mind for your readers.


  • All content submitted must be original and unpublished. This means that even if it has been previously posted on your personal blog, LinkedIn, or any other platforms, it is still considered as published content. We require exclusive content that has not been made available to the public before. This ensures that our readers receive fresh and unique material when they engage with our platform.

  • Articles should ideally fall within the range of 800 to 1200 words in length. However, based on our experience, we have found that articles ranging from 800 to 1000 words tend to perform exceptionally well. This length strikes a balance between providing sufficient depth and detail while keeping the content concise and engaging. Please aim to keep your articles within this recommended word count range to maximize their impact and resonance with our audience.

  • Every article you submit should include a well-defined structure with an introduction and a conclusion. This structure is essential for guiding readers through your insights and ensuring a cohesive reading experience. The introduction should capture the reader’s attention, provide context, and outline the main points you will be addressing. The conclusion should summarize your key takeaways and provide a concise ending to the article. By incorporating this clear structure, you can effectively engage readers and help them navigate your content more easily.

  • All sources used in your content must be attributed with hyperlinks and meet the criteria of being trustworthy. It is important to provide proper citations and references to support the information you present. Additionally, when referencing data, it is advisable to rely on sources that have been published within the last two years. This ensures that the information you provide is up to date and reflects the most current understanding of the topic. By adhering to these guidelines, you can maintain the credibility and reliability of your content.

  • Please ensure that all included links are exclusively to trusted and authoritative websites. Avoid using keyword links, affiliate links, lead-gen links, company links, client links, or any other types of promotional or self-serving links. For further information and specific guidelines regarding the inclusion of links, please refer to our “Link Policy” section.

  • When quoting directly from a trusted source, use double quotation marks and provide a hyperlink to the original source. However, please note that interviews or quotes from third parties are not permitted. For more detailed guidelines on attribution and linking, please refer to the “Attribution” and “Link Policy” sections provided. Ensuring proper attribution and adherence to our linking policies helps maintain transparency and credibility in your content.
  • Before submitting your content, it is crucial to fact-check and verify the information for accuracy. Ensure that all claims, statistics, and references are supported by reliable sources. Fact-checking helps maintain the credibility and integrity of your content, providing readers with accurate and trustworthy information. By taking the time to verify the facts, you can enhance the quality and reliability of your content.
  • We do not accept press releases as part of our content submission. Instead, we encourage you to focus on providing valuable advice, practical tips, and expert opinions to our audience. Avoid promotional content and prioritize delivering informative and educational material. By offering insightful guidance and sharing your expertise, you can provide meaningful value to our readers and contribute to their knowledge and understanding within your area of expertise.
  • Ensure your content adheres to these guidelines: Avoid self-promotion, conflicts of interest, co-authors, videos, special formatting, book excerpts, offensive or discriminatory content, puff pieces, and listicles about vendors, products, or people. When making recommendations, clearly explain why and offer reputable alternatives. If there is a conflict of interest, avoid mentioning any brands.
  • Avoid making statements that guarantee specific results or success, such as claiming that certain strategies will guarantee financial success or specific outcomes. It is important to maintain transparency and avoid misleading or exaggerated claims in your content. Instead, focus on providing valuable insights, practical advice, and proven strategies that can contribute to the overall success and growth of your audience.
  • We prioritise publishing articles that offer positive and tactical insights rather than criticising companies or individuals. Our aim is to provide valuable and constructive content that helps our audience learn and grow. Please focus on delivering uplifting and informative perspectives that contribute to the overall knowledge and success of our readers.

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